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Property Services

At AMC Property Management Services, we understand each property is unique. Each has its own history and personality. It is our attention to the details of the buildings we manage that makes the difference. It makes a difference to our property owner clients, building trustees, association board members and to our tenants.

We have built our organization by providing personalized management services and adding value for our clients. We work to build relationships with our tenants and clients for the mutual benefit of each.

Each property is distinctive in its own way, and we personalize our services to take best advantage of those distinctions.

We Are Accessible

We make your life easier and help provide peace of mind, in part, because we are accessible.

  • Our main office is conveniently located.
  • We are available by phone or email
  • Our emergency representatives are available 24/7.
  • We are available to attend on-site meetings.
  • We are available anytime during business hours for owners, their representatives and vendors.

Detailed Administrative Services

We take care of the details so you don’t have to. This is critical especially in the management of larger communities.

  • We provide written correspondence including letters, memorandums, and facility handbooks for unit owners.
  • We will distribute memorandums upon request.
  • We are able to supply both paper and electronic storage of paperwork and data.
  • We handle correspondence with real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, potential investors or buyers, appraisers, and service personnel.
  • We’ll prepare meeting notices, proxies, and agendas along with meeting minutes.
  • We take care of the drafting, execution and notarization of Trustee and 6-D certificates.
  • We are available to attend annual and other board and on-site meetings.
  • We maintain association records and board correspondence and we back up records nightly.
  • We make electronic scanning available for our clients.

Attentive Capital Project Management

You can have confidence with our experience in managing even the largest capital projects.

  • We will bid out projects within our expertise and only use qualified consultants.
  • We’ll assist or completely negotiate associated contracts.
  • We will supervise each phase of the project or if needed, we will arrange on-site supervision.
  • We’ll maintain all documentation involved in the project including diagrams, payment history and more.
  • We offer loan coordination services. For larger projects, we can assist with alternative financing options.

Web-Based Document Management

Each unit owner has access to a secure and convenient online portal where building documents are available any time from any internet connection. Board members can have access to monthly financial reports. This portal improves efficiency and saves both time and money. These services are a value added service of AMC Property Management and include:

  • Monthly board member management.
  • Building maintenance records.
  • Master Deed, CC & R’s, Articles of Incorporation and other legal documents.
  • Building and association by-laws, resolutions, rules and regulations.
  • Annual budgets and published annual financial statements.
  • Annual meeting and regular board meeting minutes.
  • Notices, reserve studies, and insurance policies.

We can convert paperwork into a digital format and make it available to you or your representatives online.

Financial Services

You can count on our detailed and attentive financial services to manage your building within a reasonable annual budget.

  • Timely bill payments to protect credit ratings.
  • Detailed reviews of each invoice for accuracy before payment.
  • We provide copies of all invoices and any related correspondence.
  • We sort to income and expenses by both unit and totals.
  • Our easy to understand spreadsheets detail expenses by category and total.
  • We create budget reports including budget vs. actual YTD and monthly.
  • We provide vendor expense summaries.

Our association fee collection services include:

  • Sending monthly dues invoices.
  • Acceptance of payments via credit cards and electronic fund transfers.
  • We provide members with pre-addressed envelopes for return mail payments.
  • We professionally address past due owners via mail and phone before sending to on to collection.

Maintenance and Emergency Support

You can take advantage of our in-house, full-service maintenance team. Our team is efficient and work is completed to our high standards. Property emergencies are addressed immediately. We make sure an on-call property manager or company representative is available at all times.

When we use independent contractors, we use contractors who are not affiliated with the principals of AMC Property Management Services. Invoices are provided directly by the contractor. We don’t add hidden fees or build in profits when using these contractors. Our recommended vendors need to provide competitive pricing, reliable service and meet our standards for quality of work.

If you would like more information about AMC Property Management Services, contact us. If you would like a proposal request, please contact us at our offices or submit a request for a proposal online. We look forward to assisting you in managing your assets.